Who stalking who exactly?




Poke poke poke.
Get this Lynn I do not care that you breath. I do not care that you lie. I do however find it sad that your life is so empty that still you scrap around the edges of my life sniffing for attention.
I do not care. You are worthless.  I have no sympathy nor hatred.  I am not entertained by your pathetic childish behaviour.
Again the only advise I can offer you is to get help!

Last times advice still stands


Changing your profile picture does NOT make me a liar

And so to prove me wrong you make my hands your profile picture. …….interesting. ……


And the notifications again. ….



Now gale why would you be winding Linda up and encouraging her. …….

7 thoughts on “Who stalking who exactly?

    • Your name is not mentioned in this post as you can see for yourself. I assume if you are really you that you have had contact from someone trying to cause trouble. I did contact you to warn you on Facebook several weeks ago. Your name was brought into this by the people who have been doing this. They claim that I harassed and bullied you and that you had sent them evidence that my husband is having affairs.
      If they contacted you then you are aware of who it is now.
      You are welcome to contact me on Facebook to discuss the matter privately if you wish.

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