Can karma work in reverse?  I mean can you actually suffer the consequences before you do the deed if you like, or is that just called dishing out a taste of the medicine?



For the last two years I have sat quietly watching myself being ridiculed and lied about.  I had gone to the police and I followed every instruction…..don’t respond, I didn’t.  Screen shot everything,  I did. Wait wait wait some more.

I not only made every single account I have online private I had to warn everyone I knew what was going on.  I repeatedly requested they did not respond to any abuse they saw or were subjected to.  Mostly they didn’t but a few became so angry as time went on and a little of their hatred spilled out.

I had a little Facebook group selling jewellery and shortly after this started I spent an afternoon deleting it and over 600 customers.  I removed every single Facebook acquaintance I had on my account over 1200! Not that they had done anything wrong but because I was following police advice. Any friend of a friend would leak fuel to those that checked my wall every day. Those that hassled anyone that could listen not to trust me. Those that were determined to ruin my reputation and I believe expected for me to be left all alone in the world with nobody to care.


I watched as they spewed their self pity on innocent people that they lied repeatedly to about me. Saying I was harassing them when I had not spoken a single word!  I was sent email and had many telephone calls asking me who the hell this or that was because they said……

I have repeatedly been sent abusive emails from people who don’t know me nor do I know them yet they see fit after being wound up by a liar that I am a beast or something???? I am human!


So I wait and wait and the police say one day, this is it we have a break through we traced an IP address and a telephone call to the same woman. The same woman that had daily given her venomous view of my life, a life she had never ever been a part of. …..she just so happened to be a good friend of the lady previously arrested and placed on bail for this crime……a lady that was technically gagged.

So I’m told thats it we have enough to arrest and charge her and if she denies it we’ll nick her husband cause the account is in his name! Relief! At last my life will start to go back to normal!

No. Because they hand it to……well as far as I can make of it some sort of civilian type officer with restricted authorities who believes bullshit far too easily.  So I wait and wait and wait.

I am not waiting any more.  I don’t care what is said about that.  Two years of my life these nasty vindictive evil little creature have roamed around the outskirts of my everything and I will not roll over and become the victim they want me to be.

Last night for the first time since this started one of them spoke to me ……directly on here. …..I have not once insulted her with pathetic name calling nor have I ranted. Although I did have to repeatedly correct her spelling as that has been brought to me by them as apparently a very important factor whilst they insulted mine.


I am not following your page nor any of your posts. That is lies. I have not been stalking you at all and I certainly, as per a day or two ago’s accusations, have not been liking then unliking your posts.

I would love to be left alone and last night you posted that was fine yes…..then  instantly went to another blog to accuse me again of what you are yourself doing!  These people are all following my blog Gale. You are not on Facebook anymore.  These people have intelligence and can certainly see through the sham of your lies.

You say here in this post above that I am stalking you yet you followed me there. You followed my blog here. You requested to follow me on Twitter.  You subscribe to me on YouTube. …..you are crazy if you think you can convince a place full of intelligent people otherwise.  I kept every notification on police advice!  I have approx 10,000 screen shots of both yours and your friends abuse against me. You probably don’t even remember half of the sick comments you made.

As for your comments about me having evidence if I am going to do this. ….. I have plenty. ….I am not in the slightest bit phased by your threats. In the words of your friends about me…..google it its all out there. In your own words….. it’ll stay there forever. …..in my words ……KARMA!

P.s. I have been reporting both yours and your friends WordPress accounts for two years. ….you don’t stand a chance darling

2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Having your back and forth communication with each other done in my blog’s comment section, I was entertained. 🙂 I don’t know who’s guilty of what and I’m staying out of it, but I do hope that the problems get resolved.

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