Oh boy am I in trouble!

Yep again they are taking legal action against me!

So far in the last two years they claim to have sued me and sharyn….

They claim I have multiple restraining orders against me over lord knows how many countries. …

They claim I have a police caution and gagging orders against me and now! Well now they are taking legal action. …….again.

I can picture the scene. …. help me officer I am being bullied. ….

Whos bullying you?

That lady that I have continually harassed for two years,  you know the one that had me arrested and put on bail for 7 months…..


That lady that I have continually harassed for two years,  you know the one whos harassers ip and phone number were traced to my house. ….

So how is she bullying you?

Well officer every time I slag her off on an account linked to my ip even though I lie and say it isn’t me. Well every time I do that or post slanderous accusations about her she has the bare faced cheek to defend herself and say I’m a liar!

So how exactly is that her bullying you madam?

Well she’s stalking me!


Yes every time I see she is a reader of someone or someone is her reader I follow their blog and so when she checks her reader I am everywhere so obviously if she comments or likes anything I liked she must be stalking me.

But you deliberately followed that person because she already was????

Well yeah obviously I had too because she blocked me from appearing in her reader!

*yawn* ok so do you have any evidence?

Yes officer I sure do! Here screen shots of what she said!

But madam every single one shows you insulting her and her telling you you’re a liar and to leave her alone. ..

Yeah but….

But what?

She started it!

And how do you know this woman?

Well I don’t. ….I only started stalking opps I mean I only know of her since my friend was arrested and could no longer do her own dirty work I amazing emailed her giving her demands erm…..she bullied my friend!


I was her don in a mafia run by a cockatiel when my friend tried to ruin her life so I thought I’d rub salt on the wound she was my friend. …

Ok so madam you treated her like shit until the day she stood up to defend herself and now you want us to arrest her even though there are masses of records on my police computer here that shows we failed to help this woman after your rampage of destruction?

Yes officer


Yes officer

It is not our policy to deal with online bullying …..


No sorry madam this is an Essex crime they’ll have to request a statement. ….


Sorry there’s nobody available to take your call right now……


She has screen shots of you contacting her! And you set her up……


No lol this is just freedom of speech she’s allowed to do this under her human rights


I’m afraid the officer you need to speak to is on leave……


We have contacted the lady and told her you have a harassment order against you and that you also had someone pose as an officer to intimidate her…….


Just shut your account. ….


Don’t go online at all ever and it’ll go away……..


I’m sorry the police force is technically bankrupt. Please spend £5000 of your own money on a restraining order. ….



Yes officer

I am arresting you for wasting police time. You have a right to remain silence. …….

Here are a few fact….. if you are a victim of online harassment you will be told never to respond! Do not respond to emails, do not respond to insults and lies do not respond to anything. ….basically let them wreck your reputation for their own entertainment.

You have to show you attempted to remove yourself from your harassers. (Hense me closing and restarting Facebook accounts 6 times! Making my twitter and YouTube private, deleting several hundred acquaintances on media sites, etc) you have to isolate yourself from your normal life, activities and hobbies. Block block block……almost 500 so far…..

Screen shot everything. Then sit for hours and hours printing and noting and preparing for the next statement only to have 99% of it rejected. Keep every point of contact, emails records of phone calls etc still you’ll have to fight for them to bother attempting to trace any of it.

What they do NOT recommend is opening fake accounts and slagging off your harasser as these people have done ….. repeatedly. They do NOT recommend opening new accounts to email if the person keeps blocking you. They also do NOT recommend deliberately putting yourself in the line of an attack!

So here’s some facts on how you as a victim will be treated. Once you are no longer entitled to an online social life and have to sit in silence whilst you are publically riped to shred. ….if you don’t have a nervous breakdown or top yourself or track down your harassers and knock their teeth out…….the police will do the following. ….


go to your local MP and guess what he will do!


So what have you really got to loose?


Now some facts on restraining orders ….bare with me I am not an expert but from what I have concluded. A restraining order is a court order that disallows a person from carrying out an activity that is within their human rights. I.e. posting your opinion on a certain person online. Or say making a phone call to that particular person.

Because it is a withdrawal of a human right you can not have a normal solicitor deal with it. You need a barrister. Barristers are very expensive. You should look to spend between £3000-£5000 just to achieve your human rights to be allowed a peaceful life free from constant attack.

Here’s the next catch for those who threaten me with lies……you can’t lie! You will need solid undisputable evidence that it is warranted. You will need the evidence. The police won’t get it for you and if as with these idiots it doesn’t exist it just isn’t going to happen!

Now let’s all try to act like adults and get on with our lives without the bullshit shall we?

Oh and I nearly forgot. …. they will be quite happy to check a so called victims online activity too…..good luck with that. ….pm no longer private, every time and date of what accounts you signed in and out of. …….. go for it sweetheart

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