Kissing frogs,

Oh how cute! My ugliest little troll wrote a cute fairytale (this comes naturally to those living in cuckoo land) and it contains almost all of the bullshit she had dreamed up about me over the many years that she has NEVER known me. And to think that the past it but not quite frog is younger than her…..

I abused a down syndrome girl and posted it online? Are you for real!??? My company doesn’t employ down syndrome suffers due to the heavy machinery for start and secondly you are a very very sick woman!

Maybe as my trainees are all on my Facebook account I will ask them to pop along here and speak for themselves eh 🙂

Congratulations Alison Lambell you’re really coming out of yourself and showing your true colours now…..oh and here’s another one you dribbled out whilst sat at home alone with you pot of pills and bottle

One question? How the hell did a rape victim come into this story? The depths of your sickness just keep getting deeper! You truly are a special kind of fucked up.

Ok I finally found it :

So what you are trying to say is that because YOUR husband raped you in 1985 that means you have the right to shit all over my life even though we have NEVER MET NOR SPOKEN???? sweetheart I will never condone rape but that really has fuck all to do with the fact that YOU let HIM turn you into a bitter twisted fuck up that thinks its acceptable to continually attack, insult, stalk, slander, attempt to get sacked and generally harass a complete stranger FOR TWO YEARS! Can you not even see how this is a sick attempt to shame me for your wrong doings?

You were not cleared by police as they didn’t even start the bloody investigation so for fuck sake as I keep saying GET YOURSELF HELP!

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