Bud was outside the vets a couple weeks ago and came 5 minutes from being put to sleep……

He was lucky and yesterday he spent the day with us getting used to Mr Kain and Miss Gypsy ready for his stay with us next week.




af761b1c0ce6c5b22f7476143236f92bOnly four months into the year and already so much has happened.

It took for one of my stalkers to die before they finally shut the fuck up. I’ve ┬ánever been happy at the news of a death before so that was a new experience…….

By then I had already taken a leap to change my life……. everything about it…..

I no longer use Facebook because it is full of perverts and psychopaths. My house is sold. My divorce going through. My choice……

I went out to post a letter and never went back. Should probably have left many many years before but whatever. Suddenly the time was right…… after 19 years.

So anyway I’m back because I have plans and time to post about them.