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Of all the two faced things in this world, yours was by far the ugliest, For who could ever believe the snake dressed in rags and cheap gems? You may have tired this game before with a different charmer, But let me tell you, games of the mind happen to be a specialty of mine,Β […]

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Official notice

Alison Lambell of Gosport Hampshire I am officially telling you to stay out of my life.

Do NOT attempt to contact me either directly nor indirectly, via telephone, email, blog posts, third party nor any other means.

Do NOT make reference to me in any way.

Do NOT mention my name against false claims intended to defame.

Any such contact or reference will be recorded and used as evidence.


Ok, One more response

noone gives a fuck! Stop posting your bullshit lies about me……..problem solved! But you wont will you…… because you are a compulsive liar who is obsessed with this sad attempt to defame my character and every word you type proves so!
You know nothing of my marriage, intellect, health, employment, lifestyle, family, morals nor anything else you saw fit to invent about me! Never once have I lowered myself to lie about you and you know it!
Never once have I posted your photo nor personal details and you know it!
Never once have I telephoned either you nor anyone that knows you with threats and lies!
Never once have I done anything in a melicious attempt to ruin your relationship with either your husband nor friends nor family.
Never once have I attempted to hurt you financially.
All I have ever done is correct your lies and tell you to fuck off away from me.

IDGAF about your fantasy world and until you can HONESTLY say you have never done any of the above (impossible due to your twisted actions) you will always be lower than I would ever even dream of stooping. You cant admit you are wrong. You will never apologise. You wont even stop piling more shit ontop of the stack of bullshit you already posted.

You think its a game and about point scoring???? Its about me telling the truth about my own life…….its about you giving me reason to have to……why? Because you are a self righteous narcissistic bully!

Full of shit

A few years back ally1lakeside was traced by the police via nuisance telephone calls to my work place as well as via her IP address owning a fake facebook account that boasted of being responsible for harassing me.

Unfortunately her local constabulary sent an incompitent plastic plod to speak with her.

I took a time and a date of a telephone call to my local police and they traced that call to its source with the help of the telephone company. She however told this incompitent officer that I had ‘set her up’……. Β please note that I do NOT work for the telephone company……so anyway this officer believed her. Which later earned him a final written warning after he posted me an ARREST PACKAGE.

Now obviously as it was sent to me I know what is contained within this arrest package unlike our bullshitting mate over at the blog that insisted on continuing to chat shit about me……

The contents of this arrest package was as follows:

Screen shots of evidence.

Opica traces on the facebook account including times and dates of when it was logged into, any names previously used on the account as well as the IP address that opened the account……same IP it gives each time this person has attempted to message my wordpress account!

Emails between officers

Telephone trace which showed the telephone number, address and name of this womans husband as the account was in his name.

A brief background of the case with a request that her local force make an arrest.

What this arrest package did NOT include was, as this LIAR claims, her entire police history!!!

Sweetheart the police are not gonna pay you a penny for your history that YOU posted publically on YOUR own blog site πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ All you are doing is making yourself look like a money grabbing bullshitter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I have posted edited screen shots of the last 3 digits of your mobile number that YOU gave me when you made false complaints to my employers website and when YOU posted it publically on your fake Maz munroe facebook account which YOU used to chat your usual shit about me……


I have also posted a screen shot of your IP address which YOU gave me when YOU sent abusive messages to my wordpress account……

Most you would ever have got from the police is an apology so give it up ffs. Nobody is convinced by the crap you post because you sweetheart are FULL OF SHIT!