Same boring old bullshit

After the ring leader of the trolls passed away I decided to end this pathetic playground bullshit once and for all.

I contacted the Jeremy Kyle show. Im more than happy to take the lie detector to settle facts. However it seems that my number one fan, who was traced via her telephone number and IP address by Essex Police to harassment against me, wasn’t quite so willing to prove how much shit she talks…..

Just to clarify and as I assume Essex police would have to confirm to the JK show……I have NEVER been issued with any police caution nor warning nor even have I been arrested on suspicion of any of the bullshit this woman claims.

I do NOT have numerous fake facebook accounts to pretend I have friends or whatever that pathetic claim was….. I actually have NO facebook account… me!

It also seems her obsession with my marriage has re surfaced and to clarify facts as she obviously has no idea what goes on in my life……. I went out to post a letter 21st Feb this year and never returned home. I chose this and I am divorcing my husband for reasons that are completely irrelevant and none of this obssessed creatures business.

As already stated on my blog here….. I made a nice profit on the house I jointly owned and am currently having a widebeam barge built to both mine and my new boyfriends spec. and at new year I intend to retire from my employment, marry my perfect new fella and travel the country……

I still have my dogs too and can confirm I have gained rather than lost so the fake pity is wasted.

Bleat on all you like my sad little no life stalker……keep proving yourself because I am far too busy looking forward to the future.


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