The real alison lambell




Alison Lambell also goes by the following names: Al Lambell, Ally Lambell, Molly Lambell, Molly Doodledog, Allison Lynn Lambell, Andrew Pickles, Maz Monrow etc


I am failing to see where this shows any sort of evidence that I am a bully? It simply shows another of this womans victims telling her where to go.



This is one of the comments sent to my employer followed by the Facebook account linked to that email address which just happens to be set up to look like my husbands parrot



This is another and oh look she added her personal details to this attempt to get me into trouble and as before the email address links to yet another fake Facebook account.



As I said before there are many more of these false complaints all linked to the same IP address.

But we also have her fake account on Facebook registering theā€¦

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