Low morals and high self worth

How sad is a person that attempts to justify and even laughs at a woman being drugged? Be it with date rape drugs, sleeping pills or whatever?

Especially a woman who claims herself to have been raped…..

To me that would indicate that she has never experienced such abuse and has absolutely no concept of how that could effect a person (possible due to a personality disorder such as being a sociopath because normal people can relate even without the personal experience). Normal people sympathise with a victim of such event because of the simple reason that it is WRONG. To support such an event and even taunt the victim is pretty low in any normal persons books.

It amuses me that a woman that claims to be so perfect can at the very same time display such low morals and feel her deluded explantion could possibly excuse such behaviour and events. So perfect is she in her own deluded world that she also believe herself immune to the exact same behaviour from the exact same offender……

History tends to repeat itself and a leopard very very rarely will change its spots. I have walked in her shoes……wouldn’t have believed it possible myself until it was too late. I was also NOT this offenders first victim so the pattern of abuse continues.

On the same level I also find it amazing that a woman could sit back and mock another woman whos husband was unfaithful. (Irrelevant of the other woman being her friend or a complete stranger). After all those that did wrong were the husband and the other woman….. it isnt ever going to be the choice of the person betrayed.

To taunt and harass the person betrayed is low and lacks morals and empathy so again indicates some kind of personality disorder. To expect someone not to be angry, hurt and feel betrayed when forced into such a situation is deluded. It is normal human behaviour. If betrayal, deciept & complete disregard for both your emotion and physical wellbeing doesn’t cause you these emotions I would suggest speaking to a psychologist.

Thankfully for myself I am far removed from such people and behaviours now. I would happily support anyone who had suffered at the hands of someone that had such low morals and lack of empathy but I would NEVER support the perpetrator…… There is NO excuse!



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