Dealing with the Proof — Knowing the Narcissist

Proof. The empathic individual has certain traits which mean gathering proof and exhibiting that proof to the narcissist and other parties is highly important. An empathic person is honest, decent, believes in the truth and has to have the truth known. This is not done from any sense of gloating or about showing how […]

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Keep proving yourself a liar

A post titled “The Truth”


I have highlighted point 2 in this display of apparent truth……


But it is actually a big fat lie!

I also highlighted point 5 in which this “truthful” person assumes that when I talk about someone who drugs others and has affairs that I am talking about her???? In her own words……. It ain’t all about you darling. She also claims I am the one who is harassing her yet below you will see that she in fact began posting her dribble of bullshit about me and all I ever do is respond with facts…. pretty slack stalker I must be too. Check the dates!

For the 3rd time now I AM NOT ON FACEBOOK!


In point 1 she states she doesnt want to ‘wash her dirty laundry on that show’….. I’m sorry! I thought you were perfect and didnt have a spec of dirt on you????

Point 4……please reference screen shots above which have MY NAME IN THE TITLE!!! Omg how could that possibly be about me? Ffs 😂

Point 6…. you have proof? Proof of what exactly? Proof that everytime you chat shit ABOUT ME I correct YOU??? Well done! Hope you find hours of pleasure reading that back over and over. Bet it makes you feel like a right powerful person…..

Point 7 and I have no idea who that woman is but it is pretty clear you were involve by the convos still available online for everyone to read and the fact that everything you lot did to her was EXACTLY the same way you have treated me!


In point 8 we see a twisted fantasy that again suggest a victim of betrayal had instigated some kind of bullying…… If defending your friend is not bullying then how is defending yourself bullying? Would you like me to post Lynn’s private messages to andy? She may have used a fake account but introduced herself as Lynn and knew she was due to visit Colin etc etc oh as well as giving him her medical background and details of where she is living…… JS

Yet again you are obssessed with my sex life in this point……. only you ever chat about my sex life. As if you have the first idea about it given you are a complete stranger……you don’t even know who I get into bed with each night let alone what we do there 😂😂😂

I’m lost that you keep mentioning drugs being in someone’s system for 2 weeks??? I had a blood test which showed a severe lack of vit D in my system…… a well known side effect of ambien…… which just hapens to be the sleeping pill Lynn takes……Maxie informed me of that! I wasnt sent the truth until 3 months after the event so please attempt to get your facts straight there.

Finally “just because your husband strayed doesn’t mean everyone else will” with reference to Lynn……erm…… it was HER he strayed with????

You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face with a wet kipper sweetheart

Self flattery

I gave you 10 minutes of my day……Yawn……come back when you have something intelligent and truthful to say……..maybe try to calm down first cause you come across as angry and bitter.

Its not my fault you spend your life judging others and lying…….

Low morals and high self worth

How sad is a person that attempts to justify and even laughs at a woman being drugged? Be it with date rape drugs, sleeping pills or whatever?

Especially a woman who claims herself to have been raped…..

To me that would indicate that she has never experienced such abuse and has absolutely no concept of how that could effect a person (possible due to a personality disorder such as being a sociopath because normal people can relate even without the personal experience). Normal people sympathise with a victim of such event because of the simple reason that it is WRONG. To support such an event and even taunt the victim is pretty low in any normal persons books.

It amuses me that a woman that claims to be so perfect can at the very same time display such low morals and feel her deluded explantion could possibly excuse such behaviour and events. So perfect is she in her own deluded world that she also believe herself immune to the exact same behaviour from the exact same offender……

History tends to repeat itself and a leopard very very rarely will change its spots. I have walked in her shoes……wouldn’t have believed it possible myself until it was too late. I was also NOT this offenders first victim so the pattern of abuse continues.

On the same level I also find it amazing that a woman could sit back and mock another woman whos husband was unfaithful. (Irrelevant of the other woman being her friend or a complete stranger). After all those that did wrong were the husband and the other woman….. it isnt ever going to be the choice of the person betrayed.

To taunt and harass the person betrayed is low and lacks morals and empathy so again indicates some kind of personality disorder. To expect someone not to be angry, hurt and feel betrayed when forced into such a situation is deluded. It is normal human behaviour. If betrayal, deciept & complete disregard for both your emotion and physical wellbeing doesn’t cause you these emotions I would suggest speaking to a psychologist.

Thankfully for myself I am far removed from such people and behaviours now. I would happily support anyone who had suffered at the hands of someone that had such low morals and lack of empathy but I would NEVER support the perpetrator…… There is NO excuse!



Poetic justice

So after several abusive accounts where closed this morning I am given some very amusing news……

Not only was the wench trying to get a feel of my husband but she was also banging the ‘queens’ husband and continues to spend evenings supping wine with her best friends husband 😂

The ‘queen’ died a few months back……

To top that off mrs oh so perfect molinari of galesmind has been shunned by her bullying mates for …..being a narc bully. 😂😂😂

So that just leaves the wench and the scapegoat……wonder how long before the wench is fucking her husband too? pmsl

I love how karma works

Oh and Lynn messaging Andy again asking to meet up pmsl…… hows your shoulder and the ranch ffs talk about desperate