Karma bites arse

So the four muskateers became three when one wasted away the last 4 years of her life…….then they became two when what goes around came around……

Shame they are still tooooooo thick to see the whole picture eh? Let me explain and repeat a few points I have repeatedly said for FOUR YEARS now.

Point 1

Everytime 3 of the 4 tired or got bored of their bullying campaign the true narc stoked the fire. Winding their little minions up and encouraged their game to continue…….

Point 2

That same one that caused this whole thing to drag on so long also blocked me THE DAY BEFORE this all started….. maybe she was psychic? Or maybe she just had a bigger hand in the whole affair than others realise.

Eitherway I am finding great pleasure and entertainment in watching the final two complaining of being treated the EXACT same way they treated me…..

I am also not in the slightest surprised that they were all talking about each other, to each other, behind each others backs……

They speak like they are experts in narcissism and yet fail to see their own narcissistic behavioural patterns. Having to continually make claims of how honest and trustworthy you are wreaks of a guilty concience.

But then having an affair with your best friends husband does actually make you guilty so no surprises there either….

Do NOT entertain the narc! Hense the real lavin, saucier and lambell but NO the real Molinari…… Molinari is always the victim.

A sick woman in her late 60’s who instigated 4 years of bullying and harassment whilst continually claiming to be a victim…… and yet recently……even after her ‘friends’ saw her true colours……she still makes a feble attempt to ‘be in the game’……..

The game……they always spoke of winning……I tried to point out several times that it wasn’t a game. There was never any prize!

Still at least the disloyal one that caused all this for a fanny thrill still has a friend all be it one that will degrade herself just to be accepted…… Still at least she won’t mind her husband being told how her best friend, whilst sat right next to her, wants to suck his cock.

I can’t wait for the next episode of ‘Karma bites arse’