A few months ago I requested via my cover picture on Facebook, that the four women posting lies and abuse about me, remove their bullying posts about me and get the hell out of my life. ….

They laughed at my request,  mocked and continued with their abuse…….

So I came here and suddenly they all had new ‘act innocent’ WordPress accounts and we’re instantly trying to hide what they have spent the last two years doing.


This is another of their friends accounts previously closed down because it was abusive. But still with dribble posted on tumblr.

Within the first month of me being here one of their abusive accounts was closed down by WordPress after some 20-30 photographs stolen from me and used to  degrade me were removed. This account was owned by Lynn Saucier. Who now posts under m&m.


Yesterday I pointed out that another of my harassers accounts, rather than actually prove me a bully actually proved herself to be and it seems congratulations is in order because for the first time since she made me aware of her existence she actually did something right, so well done Alison Lambell for closing down your page full of abuse and lies about me! Ally still posts under ally1lakeside and allabouteve16.


Obviously I urge you to remember that you shouldn’t for one second doubt that I have screen shots of every single post contained within both of these accounts. Just incase you were tempted to tell porky pies….

Lynn however still posts feeble abuse on tumblr about myself and my friends

Gale molinari still has this abusive WordPress page.

And Lavin still has her abusive bullying page whilst reinventing herself. …..erm under the same name?????

And round and round they go…..making themselves look worse and worse as they run quickly out of excuses…..


Endless posts and photos repeatedly removed from numerous fake Facebook accounts.

Endless fake Facebook accounts closed down and round and round they go…….

But why…….well watch this space because I am by far their first target and the next chapter of my blog will be looking at another victim of these bullies abuse.

I almost forgot this other one of Ann Lavins set up to harass and defame someone.