2 years today


Two years ago today I took this picture of New York skyline.

I had just arrived in America for the first time and the catfish I went to meet had made promises of a great adventure.

This catfish didn’t avoid skype nor calls nor did they look different from their photographs. But their true intentions certainly did not have anything to do with what they had portrayed to me.

This catfish was my friend but wasn’t.  I could trust her……but I couldn’t.  She listened with all sympathy to my worries but was not sympathetic.

This catfish was a liar and a very good one at that.  A cheat and untrustworthy with a complete lack of empathy.  But she could hide those things like a pro.

My memories of America are not great. I can not recall one single thing that would beckon me to return. This catfish had no intention of showing me her country nor anything else much other than her living room and works office.

The catfish had a husband who offered to take my husband shooting but catfish wouldn’t allow it.

Her husband wanted to come for a meal with us and I wanted to treat him for allowing us to stay in his home but the catfish wouldn’t allow it. He was shut out completely the whole time and was openly upset by this.

You see the catfish wasn’t interested in her husbands feelings.  Nor did she care much for our husbands to spend any time together. The catfish wasn’t at all interested in being my friend nor us having a holiday in America.

This catfish wanted one thing and one thing alone. ……. my life! She wanted my future,  my home, my job, my pet but mostly she wanted my husband. …..

She wanted everything I had spent my life working for and this catfish was as sneaky devious and evil as they come.

She risked my health for a cheap frill. And when the mask slipped and I saw the real catfish she could no longer hide the callous evil that hid behind the face of innocence that the mask provided.
Contempt. Hatred.  Bitterness consumes the catfish I met two years ago today in New York.

Jealousy that I still have everything she wanted to take away. Everything she wanted for herself.

And I left her behind.  Walked away and I hold my head high that I may have been stupid but I did no wrong.

Catfish will never have what she wanted from me because to get what I have you have to work for it and work hard for many years. You have to be honest and loyal and trustworthy.

Fake will never be reality…..
Wrong will never be right…….
Lies will never be true…….