Does size matter?

A majority of my friends are larger than myself. My mum is a big lady. These are people I care about and from my point of view size should not matter.  Equally there is nothing wrong with being small and so long as you are happy and healthy it should not be an issue.

Some however will use any excuse to hurt others and as our size is the first thing people see it is often the focus of abusive name calling and bullying.

Here I have some examples of people being bullied with insulting name calling about their size. These are screen shot taken by myself whilst collecting evidence of harassment as requested by the police.


This first screen shot looks like someone fighting for the rights of larger ladies but next you will see this lady and her friends true thoughts on other people.


This Suzie Godiva account is or rather was a fake account originally set up by Gale Molinari.  Her and her friends used it to daily insult me and here you see them attacking a friend, who is a large lady, just because she told them they were wrong in the way they were treating me.


So she pretends on this fake account that she is a ‘high class fantasy model that works for an elite modeling agency that has such exclusive clientele that they need not advertise’. The four women involved in this harassment are all also large ladies.


This post goes the complete opposite way and is an insult intended to cause me upset.


More insults directed now at a friend of mine who defended me against their abuse. My apparent ‘going after’ her involved her joining my group and being told to clear off as soon as it became obvious that she was a troll intending to cause trouble.


And oh look there’s Gale herself insulting me again!


Oh and here’s her oldest bestest pal Ann Lavin posing as none other than Marilyn Monrow whilst claiming she is a real person. ‘Anorexic little runt’…… who should be locked up in a nonexistent sex club/shop. And the reason for this onslaught of abuse is my apparent bullying her by naming her after months of abuse from her fake account. …… and as for my husband sex chatting her pmsl……I read the messages she sent to him and the first thing he spoke about was his wife and pet parrots! If that’s her idea of sex chat I don’t think I’ll be grabbing the divorce papers just yet…..

In the words of Gale herself. ….bullying people for how they look is being a coward and belongs in the playground!

However bullies tell lies and as with these ones they accuse their victims of doing exactly what they themselves are doing.


2 years today


Two years ago today I took this picture of New York skyline.

I had just arrived in America for the first time and the catfish I went to meet had made promises of a great adventure.

This catfish didn’t avoid skype nor calls nor did they look different from their photographs. But their true intentions certainly did not have anything to do with what they had portrayed to me.

This catfish was my friend but wasn’t.  I could trust her……but I couldn’t.  She listened with all sympathy to my worries but was not sympathetic.

This catfish was a liar and a very good one at that.  A cheat and untrustworthy with a complete lack of empathy.  But she could hide those things like a pro.

My memories of America are not great. I can not recall one single thing that would beckon me to return. This catfish had no intention of showing me her country nor anything else much other than her living room and works office.

The catfish had a husband who offered to take my husband shooting but catfish wouldn’t allow it.

Her husband wanted to come for a meal with us and I wanted to treat him for allowing us to stay in his home but the catfish wouldn’t allow it. He was shut out completely the whole time and was openly upset by this.

You see the catfish wasn’t interested in her husbands feelings.  Nor did she care much for our husbands to spend any time together. The catfish wasn’t at all interested in being my friend nor us having a holiday in America.

This catfish wanted one thing and one thing alone. ……. my life! She wanted my future,  my home, my job, my pet but mostly she wanted my husband. …..

She wanted everything I had spent my life working for and this catfish was as sneaky devious and evil as they come.

She risked my health for a cheap frill. And when the mask slipped and I saw the real catfish she could no longer hide the callous evil that hid behind the face of innocence that the mask provided.
Contempt. Hatred.  Bitterness consumes the catfish I met two years ago today in New York.

Jealousy that I still have everything she wanted to take away. Everything she wanted for herself.

And I left her behind.  Walked away and I hold my head high that I may have been stupid but I did no wrong.

Catfish will never have what she wanted from me because to get what I have you have to work for it and work hard for many years. You have to be honest and loyal and trustworthy.

Fake will never be reality…..
Wrong will never be right…….
Lies will never be true…….