And so the campaign began

Screenshot_2014-10-08-12-42-07-1I had them all blocked on Facebook so they chase me over to YouTube and twitter.

I had already by this stage had to close down my jewellery shop on Facebook and my eBay shop . Now I had to make my YouTube and twitter accounts private too.


And all the while they were doing this they were at the same time accusing me of stalking and bullying them. I had been silent to them for a while and was sure they’d eventually get bored. ¬†Especially as one of them in the UK had now also been issued a police warning.

Instead they just changed tactics.

I will explain more in detail in future with regards to the police action and UK harassers when I am certain it will not effect any possible future legal action. For the time being I will concentrate on the ones in America who were doing this. THATS DONE NOW I AM EXERCISING MY RITE TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH…….