When the pot calls the kettle black


So to prove that you aren’t still doing EXACTLY what you are putting on me……. 😂😂😂😂 no doubt you will be back again to read this response…….obviously that will prove you aren’t interested in me or my life 😂😂😂

Im sorry but who are you anyway? What husband? And why exactly did you ever enter my life? Interferring power freak type jumped up over opinionated manic depressive alcoholic that you are.

Judging my life when you haven’t the first idea about it. I can’t wait to move onto our boat with my new fella, thanks for your concern but again…… ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! oh but there lies the problem doesn’t it……cause you, a complete stranger with fuck all authority nor say in my life have attempted to have some kind of twisted belief that you do have a say in it.

Yes I enjoy watching karma fuck your arse and deliver shit to you just like you did to me…… incase you forgot, YOU would call my workplace with pathetic attempts of threats. YOU repeatedly emailed my employers in an attempt to get me sacked. YOU cunted off my intelligence (whilst spelling wrong), my family, my education, my cooking, my collections/hobbies, my friends and even attempted to body shame me (me being a size 8 whilst you resemble that mummy troll off of fragle rock). YOU stole photos of me and set up numerous fake facebook, wordpress and tumblr accounts. YOU set up online petitions in a pathetic attempt to have me banned from the internet 😂😂😂😂😂 and YOU talk about my (non existing) mental conditions 😂😂😂😂

Darling take this to you imaginary solicitor and let him know how you down pills with a litre of wine to get through the pain of being you whilst I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol in at least 4 months……I dont even smoke but then you wouldn’t know that would you? Cause YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL!

“I assume all men cheat” …….erm no actually I don’t. I would trust my man in a room full of naked over sexed models. Even Andy told your mate to fuck off AFTER I LEFT HIM! I don’t assume. I know your ‘mate’ is a sex fiend that repeatedly had affairs behind her husbands back……because SHE TOLD US! Oh and I saw the messages as she sat next to me messaging how she “wants me to go to bed so she could suck cock” Thats the kind of friend YOU have…….that the kind of friend you would harass a woman for because she got caught out!

I can hold my head high and know I have morals and I don’t need to constantly claim my honesty and trustworthness! If you can’t live with that its your problem darling.

If you dont like what I say then I have a solution……. FUCK OFF MY BLOG……..100% guatenteed to work!