The truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth…….

Well here it is, a wordpress answer to criminal offenses

blog your defense they say. Get an impossible court order they say. Waste your hard earned money on solicitors because we can’t be arsed to be responsible for Β our own platform!



So I shall tell the world a story, a story about Love, hate, betrayal, persecution. A story of how an enemy may come in many disguises, how they may enter your home with a smile and attempt to leave with everything you ever worked for or cared for.

There is a small group who will fight to close this page, they will fly into a frenzy of Β drama because……how dare I have my say… dare I defend myself

But most of all they have fought so hard to hide the truth for me to expose their vileness now will probably have an effect similar to the head spinning scene from The Exorcist

Oh and for the record I will not be removing any comments left by others on any of my pages………..

P.s. if you comment or like anything you can meet them for yourself. They’ll be there liking and reblogging all your posts whilst licking your ass and talking like little virgin marys…..

31 thoughts on “The truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth…….

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  2. You went and done it. You went and followed Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. You are now one of Uncle Bardie’s Band of Merry Followers. Just so you know, Uncle Bardie’s a hoot, and he’s got quite a few whoppers in his bag of stories. Some funny, some not so funny. But all told for your entertainment. Thank you for following his blog.

  3. I am a big fan of everyone who dares to tell the truth. Not only shall the truth set you free, but it will come out one way or another whether you like it or not…. And you get in a lot less trouble if you tell it in the first place…

  4. Hello, thanks for dropping by my Blog, and since I’ve found my way down here, I’ll be popping in from time to time to see what your site has been getting up to. So far, it sounds rather interesting.

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