Day 6 of fit out

Progress looks low so far even though a lot of hours have gone into it already.

We have handles and locks on doors and hatches. A tiller bar and handle. Solar panels and head lights. Fenders are on and the satalite and wifi antenna is going up today ready for the electrician to connect it all on friday.


Meanwhile inside we had a small delay waiting for the melamine coated marine ply to arrive so didnt really get started until tuesday. However we have three carpenters hard at work now so in just two days things are already starting to take shape.

We have stairs although not completely finished. The tops of each lift for storage and will be stained and varnished.

We also have the bottoms of the walls up and the front end is almost finished already 😃😃





Its been a long day. Up at 3am and waiting for the boat to finally arrive and be craned into the water.



It was collected yesterday and transported over night to us finally arriving at around 9am.



And was sucessfully floating by lunch time ready for the fit out to begin inside.


All credits go to Mr Neil Smalley at The sail away boat company in Ollerton Notts who not only built our new home but was extremely helpful in teaching us everything we needed to know.