Lack of intelligence

I am amazed at how low a persons IQ can dip to. It seems there are a few that do not bother to read let alone understand and in doing so display an amazing array of stupidity.

Because of this I find myself forced to post this in an attempt to clarify what stupid doesn’t understand. I will attempt to do so in small words and paragraphs in the vain home that it will ‘sink’ in.

This blog was written in SUPPORT of Abbe Noble…..

It details shitty things that OTHER people did to HER…..

She is NOT any of the people named or discussed here……

If you are incapable of understanding that I suggest this post will help you to understand why acting like a pathetic playground bullying troll is NOT a good idea. It wouldn’t be nice to find your own words and stolen photos here now would it? Your names will already flag this post in google…..

A group of around 20 who go after 1 person = bullying

Spreading lies and trying to turn people against someone = bullying

Insulting a persons looks = bullying

Attempting to stalk and annoy after they try to avoid you = bullying

making unfounded claims on serious topics that make most people sick and has cost people their lifes = fucking sick trolling bullying and risk to another persons safety

When someone tells you they do NOT want to know you and they block contact…..move on.

Stop acting like a pack of cunts.




Well since not posting a single thing since January it seems my harassers have been getting desperate for attention.

They approached the police claiming harassment,  however,  it seems that if someone makes false claims about you and you correct their lies, you are NOT committing an offence.

This link leads to dribble and lies.  Obviously you can tell because you are reading this.  I was never arrested.  I have NO criminal record nor actions against me and I am still entitled to free speech. ……furthermore my husband and myself are extremely happy together as are my family and friends. ….. I also got a promotion at work rather than lost my job as this liar claims.

So am I harassing and stalking anyone. …….. well let’s see shall we? What they have been up to right under everyone’s noses


First dear Linda continues to send requests to my husband. …



They took again to reporting my Facebook cover pictures and my account as being fake.

Now check the dates on both their posts and mine and it becomes clear who is harassing and stalking who.

















So unbelievably dull. ….. and Lambell pmsl ‘I had a dream and woke up to believe it was true’ lol are you kidding me?  That is actually the best you could come up with and  you actually expect an intelligent adult to swallow that!

Sure you want this blog taken down but the true reason is to hide how sick and twisted you all are.



Fairytale land has swallowed you whole pmsl

The End

Its ironic that the first post you will find will be my last…..


This is my journey in reverse. I make claims and back them up to the best of a ‘normal’ persons ability.  I am not a hacker nor an authority. If I were I would have bought far more.

My blog shows exactly what happened and this is my story. It is a loud strong message sent to teach that fake, lies, cheats and evil can be surrounding you at anytime and you may not even notice it creeping around your everything. It can come in the form of a sweet little old lady that loves you like her own daughter.  Or it may look like a strong friend who seems to want to look out for you.

On the Internet people can be whoever they choose to tell you they are.  It isn’t so easy to spot a lie in typed text as to look that person straight in the eye and read their honesty.

If you chose to continue to read you will learn how some people have a life so empty and unfulfilled that they can not help but attempt to climb into the life of someone they envy. You think this is a sweet old lady and the next thing you know she is a sick twisted demon,  foaming at the mouth whilst doing her best to rip out your soul and destroy everything you ever worked for.

This isn’t a fairytale this is my life.  This isn’t a game to be lost or won, this is my life.  Those that commit offences of cyber bullying/harassment/trolling, whatever you wish to call it, do NOT have any sort of self control that stops them and makes them see that it is a real person’s life that they play their game with.  They don’t care if it effects you and your family and your friends and your employers and your world. They have lost all humanity.

These people are full to bursting with hate and although you may not have done anything to warrant their abuse,  it is your fault!  They can not separate the feelings of hate towards something that happened to them.  They can not live with their own self and they look at your happiness and success and you are driving a knife right into their hearts. Because they can’t be you!

They can’t live with whatever their own pain is and their victim/target becomes an outlet for their suffering and frustration.  They may be a victim themselves or they may be ashamed of how they live their life. Whatever the reason,  you are not their cure.

I can not help them. Only authorities can do that if they can’t do it themselves and they have been failed by them before they even start their crusade.  The doctor didn’t help.  Their relatives/partners didn’t help and they are not capable of helping themselves.  So it needs a release and there you are……having fun and meeting people on Facebook.

This is the end of my story.  I came here and typed every word as a message to others.  I do not need to defend myself any longer. I proved my point repeatedly already and throughout my posts. I do not need to say anymore.  My message is all here loud and clear and you can read it and care or you can read it and forget it. It won’t actually make any difference to my life even if you switch off right now. But if you, one day find that you have been lied to and somehow you find yourself in the middle of a war that you never asked for nor did anything to warrant…….well this will still be here for your reference.

I have met many good people through this journey and truly appreciate every kind word but I’m done now.  My work here is complete………


I have a great future to be getting on with.  Be safe x

The trouble with the police

13th August 2013 I found myself stood in the reception of my local police station. I had just spent the last three months arguing with and then repeatedly telling certain people to leave me alone.  Do NOT contact me again directly nor indirectly. They refused to stop sending emails and posting abuse and lies about me, so here I was.

I was met by a young girl on the front counter. Her emotionless face screamed ‘I don’t give a shit’ and the way she spoke said ‘I can’t be arsed, go away’. But my problem hadn’t gone away so nor would I. I insisted on speaking to an officer and was eventually taken to an interview room to discuss what had been going on. The officer was patient and understanding.  He listened and asked questions and decided the first step would be to call this woman. Tell her what she was doing that was wrong and request that she stop or he would arrange for her Internet accessible devices to be confiscated and she would be arrested for harassment.

The womans response to this was to post more lies but this time she was claiming I had a friend pose as this officer. She denied it further when she was issued with an official police warning about her behaviour towards me and she continued her abuse and lies and messages only now she used a different fake name.

My complaint was not officially registered by the police until September 2013 and by the 1st of October phone calls were now also being made to my work place. This woman was arrested and bailed for harassment. 

In the meantime another person, her friend had been having an awful lot to say about me and was the person i later found out who was making the phone calls. I had pointed her out several times to the police over those months and the response I got was ‘let’s not bring other names into it’. But she is doing the same and worse than her friend that is on bail for this offence?  No they wouldn’t hear it and by now I was onto the third officer to be dealing with the problem.

I had been phoned by the officer the night before I first met her … how do you know they are posting this stuff? How do you find it? I told her they advertise it. They poke me or like something online to attract my attention to it and I recommended she google my name. She did this whilst I was on the phone and looking at one picture they had stolen of me and used to insult myself and my husband this officer commented. ….’whats that thing at your feet’……well thats my puppy????? ‘And that sitting next to you, thats what you’re arguing over is it?’  Er no thats my husband and I am not arguing over him I am complaining that these women won’t get the hell out of my life and are harassing me.

I walked into the police station the following day for my appointment with this officer. I was ready for the fact that she was clearly a bitch. Her face screamed ‘oh ffs do I really have to be arsed with this?’

She sat in front of us taking my statement whilst heavily pregnant and burping throughout.  She blatantly didn’t care in the slightest what had gone on and was so rude that my husband got up and walked out.

Later I was called by Merseyside police to say they required a further statement and so I called this woman to try to arrange this. ‘ oh no thats not needed’ she said  I called Merseyside ‘yes it is needed’. I called her again and after a couple of weeks of insisting I eventually gave that statement. I found out Dec 2014 that the statement never did arrive at Merseyside. I complained because something didn’t ring true and the police behaviour made me doubt that they were being honest with me all I experience was rudeness and obstruction being put in the way of me reporting a crime.

December 2013 I was assigned a new officer.  I went in gave a statement, updated him with a ton more abuse I had and he told me of big plans. They said they’d trace three accounts.  He’d issue this other woman with the same official warning the one still at this time was on bail for breaching.  He’d take their computers and this would end finally.

Three months later he finally said he had the results of the traces. ‘Why didn’t you trace the main account doing this? You said you would.  You only traced two and I had already told you that one of those was pointless! ‘ he told me the main account was closed down at the time of him placing the trace request.  It wasn’t the day he put in the request this second woman was posting threats on it to turn up at my work place the following day!

Don’t worry he said we have enough to arrest and charge this woman. We got her ip to the one other account that had sent messages claiming that she was responsible.  They also had a match to her phone number calling my work. The accounts are in her husbands name so if she denies it we’ll nick him!

Almost three months later and I was calling him repeatedly.  Why hasn’t Hampshire police received the arrest package?  Why had nothing been done since December? Why am I still being harassed? I filed another complaint at the end of May 2014. To date it has still not been dealt with.

More phone calls to my work. More messages. More abuse posted online. Emails now to my employer lying about me. Telephone calls to my area manager.  More email to my head office and I call to report it and they do not respond.  I request to give a statement and they refuse, since march 2014, telling me its a Hampshire offence they have to request a statement. So I call Hampshire and they say no its an Essex offence they have to take a statement and forward it to us. Backwards and forwards and finally I receive a response to my Merseyside and Hampshire complaints. 

Merseyside and the officer had lied about the incivility against myself. He should apologise to me. I have still not had this apology.  They claimed I was the offender which obviously made no sense at all and then it transpires that the woman harassing me constantly whilst I followed police advice and moved accounts,  made everything private and refused to respond had made an accusations against me. I had until last month no knowledge of this but it fitted with the lies that she posted claiming, to all that would listen that, I had orders against me. They confirmed this was not true. They confirmed they never received the statement & they had requested from Essex police the year before.

Hampshire police.  The first contact I had with them and I was asked if he could ask me a personal question.  Go ahead I said. ‘Do you and your husband work in a sex club and partner swap?’. I replied no unfortunately my life isn’t that interesting.  I work in a shop and even if I did run a sex club and partner swap what relevance does that have to the fact that these woman are committing an offence of harassment against me? The next call I had from this officer and he was rude and came across very aggressive. ‘This woman has screen shots from your personal account of you contacting her’ oh does she really?  ‘Yes and I am going to investigate it’ I replied GOOD! Investigate it because thats all I ever asked and I am telling you that I have never once contacted this woman so the only way that is possible is if she cloned my account and messaged herself. I returned home picked up my computer and phone and headed for my local police station.

There you go! …..don’t accuse me of shit I haven’t done!  Take them check them, I have nothing to hide! I sat for two hours talking to this officer and he refused point blank to take my device’s.

When my Hampshire complaint returned they denied this ever happened.  Although there are obviously calls on record to state this was how I had been treated.  He accused me of setting this woman up with regards to the telephone calls and had obviously NOT checked with her service provider because I fail to see how I can provide the police with a time and date of a phone call. They then contacted the service providers and ended up with this womans phone number that just so happened to be the same woman whos ip address matched accounts claiming to be doing this? I did not provide any phone numbers. I did not set anybody up!

I did however discover from the conclusion of this complaint that Essex police had not only finally sent the arrest package to Hampshire but they had washed their hands if you like of the whole case stating that they were not willing to spend any money on an investigation. Hampshire said it was not their case. Which it isn’t but now Essex also refuse to accept it as their case.

So anyway one day I get a package arrive to my house.  Almost every piece of paper has ‘police restricted’ stamped at the top. I didn’t even read it at the time. I was living on a building site and so tucked it away safely.  A couple months passed and I remember it was there and begin to read through. 

I’m fuming now. I am reading a log of one of my telephone calls from the same night that I got the phone call from the pregnant burping officer. It states there in black and white that I had claimed that the first lady. The one who was arrested and bailed. It said that I had claimed she was having and affair with my husband? ????wtf? This is bullshit! Neither myself nor my husband had ever even set eyes on this woman before!  I read on. Lies from this woman. The ip trace. The phone trace. Emails between officers. Account activities on the offending account. I called the police and gave a statement recording that I had handed this material back. There was no personal file on these woman as one has sinced claimed. She is a compulsive liar as I have already shown. But there is obviously a data protection breach here.   This has I believe been confirmed and is due to be dealt with and resolved within the near future.

Essex police send me to meet another officer Dec 2014. I sit down ready to give my statement.  I like this officer.  I don’t get that feeling he is bullshitting me. He tells me that a harassment order should have been issued months and months ago. He said the words! ‘We as a force have failed you’. I looked him in the eye and he told me straight.  Nothing will happen.  They won’t be arrested and go to court. They’ll likely continue and get worse if we issue another warning.  They’ll just bring more people in on this. I smiled, thanked him and walked out of the door knowing I did not want to hide for another week let alone month after month of nothingness.  I had to deal with this myself and here I am.

During all of this another woman. The one that had caused the original disagreement that started it all flew from America to stay with the lady that was on bail for my harassment. They happily skipped along to the local police station and made false complaints about me. She stated I wouldn’t leave her alone yet a week before she had sent a stream of pathetic and ignored messages to my husband. I had not contacted her. She was simply attempting to add to my harassment and her chosen tool was the police. So they knocked at my door and I invited them in. I told them what had been going on and I told them straight that as far as I could see. Given that they had allowed these women to continually harass me and not prevented the crime against me. As far as I could see now they themselves were assisting my harassers to further harass me! I have never before in my life seen a police officer look so uncomfortable as he made excuses to leave. No I haven’t finished yet! They never returned.

So in summary judging by my experience I wanted to post this as an example and to prepare anyone suffering the same & who is considering asking the police for help. NO Internet accessible device has ever been confiscated. No charges have ever been brought. No resolution was ever found and nobody has been officially held responsible for crimes against me.

You will be advised to say nothing hide away. I was advised to never go on Facebook and when that didn’t work they advised I never access the Internet again. This is against my human rights. They will tell you its freedom of speech and within the perpetrators human rights and completely disregard yours. They will make you become completely isolated from the outside world. You can not respond nor defend yourself. You can not be yourself. You are now a nothing and a nobody all in the name of the police assisting you. But they didn’t in my case. They made it worse.

I walked into that police station 13-8-13 with one problem and their actions or lack of them handed me a whole lot more problems. Instead of a battle against my harassers I now also had a battle against three police forces! It is my human rights to be protected against the actions that these offenders have committed against me and the law of my land states so. However it seems the law enforcers in my country don’t care to provide the service which my tax money pays for and my human rights do not matter to them.

Here we go again

Go fot it Ann lets have the list…..come on you claim I have fake WordPress accounts, not that I think a fake WordPress account is even possible, but hey yeah let go with the flow……. publish the list of my apparent fake WordPress accounts lets confirm to those people what a liar you are lol

Go on go on I dare you!  Give us all a bloody good laugh again because this is me and no one else is  😉

A woman scorned HA!!

Gale for two years you have been obsessed with my marriage and advising me to divorce my husband. Pathetic claims of affairs that don’t exist and judgement that I am stupid for staying.
Did it never once occur to you that I am here. ….I am living my life and I know exactly how much bullshit you write? Did it never occur to you that I know the facts and circumstances of my own life. Or are you just jealous that all your friends got their very own ‘real’ them pages and I couldn’t be arsed to do one for you.
You preach about narcissism and seem to think that everyone else suffers from this whilst raising your own narcissistic ways like a peacock raises it’s feathers.
You want attention? You write your poetry all you wish… blog your posts all you like. All I ever asked was you stay out of my business. But you clearly have nothing better to occupy your time. Don’t worry sweetheart my letter to you is brewing. ……


woman scorned

Now women listen up and hear,
The tale of women far and near,
That had in man a sneaky cheat,
and then had that man beat.

The other woman never blamed
The other woman never named
For a cheater cheats the end
Their ways will never mend.

It’s her today and then you find,
you wise up or never mind,
Only once you say?
Only once more like a day!

So cut the bastard loose and run,
For the cheating has only begun,
They never stop they never learn
So in the bbq his clothes you burn.

Then walk away to better times
And you will remember all my rhymes,
When you once find once again
A lover and a friend.

That doesn’t cheat.

woman burning car

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The girl who cried wolf

Ally, you’re boring me and full of shit. Please fuck off I am trying to ignore you!


If I’m lying just sue me. Go on! do your best. Pft! Yawn and blah blah blah blah blah blah. Same old shit every single time.


Once upon a time there was a girl who for whatever reason was an attention seeker; maybe she had a wicked stepmother or maybe she had deep seated issues. As with many fairy tales, she married an older man and hoped to live happily ever after. Due to her beloved husband ‘s wandering eye she became very insecure. One day, having attacked someone from a faraway land and getting a response she didn’t like she took the horse and cart to the village Police and filed a report against a lady from a far off land. The Princess liked the feeling of being helped by the local Police and how it made her feel empowered so she began scuttling to the Police whenever somebody disagreed with her or defended one of her victims. Having realised they were dealing with a timewaster, the Police told her in no uncertain terms to…

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