On a brighter note

My police complaint was upheld! Yes finally the police admit they do tell porky pies and have confirmed in writing that NO I do not have any police orders against me and you’ll probably find the reason behind that is because I Have NOT COMMITED ANY CRIMES!

Oh well done those there to help us in our times of need……

I now have a piece of paper that states fact whilst their lies given to someone acting against the law where plastered on internet sites and probably still are. Liabling my name thanks to their lack of communication.  Well done! Sure know how  to  treat victims of crime eh?

They also gave a few interesting insights into the actions of another force so my battle continues a little longer and I am far more straight on who exactly has done wrong. 

I will not give in to criminal activity and I will not give in to incompetent policing.  I have officially as of today done no wrong and this small Victory is just the beginning of the end.


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