Some liars just don’t know when to shut the f*!#$ up


You have no stalker.  You yourself are a harassing fake little numb nut from Merseyside UK.  You are unemployed because you are a lazy work shy troll. Your ip all over everybody’s blogs proves my point. ….


My story has never ever once changed. It is the same as the day of the 4th may 2013 when you m&m aka Linda or lynn saucier of misc metal works connecticut usa was exposed as a whore rather than my best friend.  You because of messages you sent exposed you as an evil desperate bunny boiler who was willing to travel 1000’s of miles to drop sleeping pills into my drink so you could beg my husband for sex! You confessed yourself!  I didn’t dream that shit up ……you sent it in a message and yes! That message got back to me.

I mean come on can’t you even see how wrong that is? Didn’t you think for a single second that any normal person on this planet was going to tell me what you did.  Do you really expect people to believe that my husband confirmed this was true for fun! ??? Are you really fucking crazy? THE WOMAN WAS THAT DESPERATE TO HELP ME SHE SENT THE FULL CONVERSATION TO A POLICE OFFICER! You were due back for another visit. …..

Mate! You bleat on your shit that you loved me like a daughter well let me tell you something. … I was brought up you didn’t try to fuck your daughters husband!  HELLO HELLO REALITY CALLING!

Fuck off lynn…..just go sign yourself up for some serious counselling and get the hell out of my life. You are actually the worst. Nastiest. Vilest. Dirtiest piece of shit I have ever had the misfortune to meet.

Scum scum scum and believe me from that day till the rest of eternity my story will still be the same and YOU wrote it….NOT me!

33 thoughts on “Some liars just don’t know when to shut the f*!#$ up

      • Lol, why are some people so stupid? They think they can spit their lies in every direction and people will just believe them, glad to see you arent backing down

      • Mate this has been shitting on my life for two years just so she can try to save face. Well you know what? Fuck her ! & her very damn few sick friends who actually know the truth but still lie for her and try to make me look bad. They bleat on about tick tock and karma. Well you know what sod all that I believe right will always win over wrong eventually. Truth will always be truth amd lies will always be found out so let em do their best. And whilst doing it she can keep on remembering that feeling of rejection when he kept telling her NO!

      • YES I know exactly what you mean, this chic named bobbi stalked my husband and i for 3 years after my husband turned her down. She threatened to pick my son up from school and everything she only stopped because the police threatened to take her computer and phone and search them, but even after that we still get an occasional letter in the mailbox saying how much she loves him and will always be there for him. The funny thing is she never puts her name on it, like we wont know who it is because there is no name, lol.

      • I know that was the crazy part this chic that stalked us actually had her husband who was friends with my husband go up to him and ask him to be in a threesom with them.

      • Yep, this woman came to my house when I was pregnat saying she had been with my husband and back in 2008 our daughter passed right after she was born, well this woman kept screaming you are the reason that baby is dead you killed her and thats why your husband will always hate you. I mean this chic really is pyscho.

      • It is a SMALL world!! I found your blog because we were both nominated by sweet Ritu for a blog award so, I started reading your blog……let me know if I can assist 🙂 I know a LOT about Southington.

      • I already had local cops there call at her home…..her response was to send my husband a stream of ignored messages before flying to the UK to stay with her ‘friend’ who was on bail for harassing me so that they could skip along to the local cop shop and make up lies about me. Two cops knocked my door and I invited them in. Showed them what she had been doing and told them about my ongoing complaint and the complaints about the police lack of action. They were very embarrassed and wanted to get out asap but I hadn’t finished. I told them they were assisting as far as I was concerned to further harass me and I do believe their exact words were that they had ‘been done up like kippers here’…….she’s been back in the UK staying with the same woman over Christmas whilst her husband was left alone for Christmas and new year and yet she lectures my ability to keep my husband happy……. I don’t really know how anyone could help but your offer and understanding is truly appreciated.

  1. Hmmmmm…….I’m thinking I won’t be bothered because of the short drive to the local PD….in…… truly don’t realize that they can’t get away with that crap forever….it catches up to you and bites you in the ass….I apologize on behalf of All Americans lol….how awful for you.

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