Ok, One more response

noone gives a fuck! Stop posting your bullshit lies about me……..problem solved! But you wont will you…… because you are a compulsive liar who is obsessed with this sad attempt to defame my character and every word you type proves so!
You know nothing of my marriage, intellect, health, employment, lifestyle, family, morals nor anything else you saw fit to invent about me! Never once have I lowered myself to lie about you and you know it!
Never once have I posted your photo nor personal details and you know it!
Never once have I telephoned either you nor anyone that knows you with threats and lies!
Never once have I done anything in a melicious attempt to ruin your relationship with either your husband nor friends nor family.
Never once have I attempted to hurt you financially.
All I have ever done is correct your lies and tell you to fuck off away from me.

IDGAF about your fantasy world and until you can HONESTLY say you have never done any of the above (impossible due to your twisted actions) you will always be lower than I would ever even dream of stooping. You cant admit you are wrong. You will never apologise. You wont even stop piling more shit ontop of the stack of bullshit you already posted.

You think its a game and about point scoring???? Its about me telling the truth about my own life…….its about you giving me reason to have to……why? Because you are a self righteous narcissistic bully!

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