Roof is on 😁

Our water tank is in and the roof is up.

And the engine has arrived!


So we treated ourselves to some transport for once we have moved onto the boat 😂

5 thoughts on “Roof is on 😁

  1. I am loving watching this boat being built, I take it this will be a house boat for living in? I am sorry I missed the beginning of this build and have only caught the last month or 2, I look forward to the finished version, I am sure you are looking forward to that day even more so lol also, nice bike, it looks like it is made to go almost anywhere in any terrain 🙂

    • It was only started a couple months ago so you didn’t miss much. We are going to move onto it once it is finished and travel the country for a while. If we make it across the channel we could get down to africa but I think we should get some practice in first lol.
      It is getting exciting now 😁

  2. That is so awesome 🙂 I admit, I am a bit envious, what a beautiful way to live, I hope you maintain some sort of internet connections when you can, and continue to share this most awesome adventure, it would be grand to learn what life is like living on a boat, the untold adventures, and beauty of the things you shall see and places you will go, I am also very envious not just because of the adventures yet to come, and the sheer beauty of the people and places you may venture to, but because you can quite literally escape the rat-race of humanity and live truly free without a care in the world and not be tied to 1 spot. I am extremely happy for you, and again thank you for sharing, perhaps you have or will inspire others to chase their dreams and make them reality… you have most certainly had me thinking for the last while lol . xo xo

    • That was entirely our reasons for doing this. I have arranged the first year off work and we are kitting her out with solar panels, a wind turbine and wood burner so will be completely self sufficient. No bills! Except of course to stay online. We have a mobile modem and wifi antenna sorted so will hopefully get a good reception to stay online and keep you updated.
      Fishing and shell fish licenses have been sorted and we are looking into the canal markets that they hold during the summer. I always wanted to hibernate for winter so that will be my first task lol. Curled up infront of the woodburner with a huge pot of stew on it and nothing to worry about!

      • I can not think of a better life than the one you shall soon be living, you are a great inspiration to those that read your blog and to those around you, truly, you are showing the world to not just sit and think about their dreams and do nothing, to stop making excuses and make your dreams happen… dang that in itself is a very incredible thing to do, and the fact you can and are building a boat is also impressive, you’re a very good person the world needs more inspiring people like you 🙂

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