A letter to my hater

Dear Ally,

Obviously you expect me to be psychic and know the ins and outs of your entire history even though you are a complete stranger.  I am sure you think you know the colour of my knickers but I believe you will again be disappointed.

I did not know how you lived, I did not know you. You do not know how I live, you do not know me. All you know is the tiny window of tall tales fed to you by a woman that enjoyed my company for several months.  She herself only knows what I chose to tell.

You believe I spilled my whole self out there?  I am sorry to tell you that not only is she 99% ignorant of the facts but she used you with hate filled lies to defend her hate filled actions.  It is obvious to me from the lies you tell that your information came from lynn but I am sorry to inform you that she is making you look a prize fool…..or is she?

You see after years of your opinionated abuse being poured into my life I am afraid to say I have seen so many lies spill from you that I don’t believe a single word you say anymore.  It just all looks like a constant stream of bile. Maybe I am desensitised. ….you did that. Don’t blame my heartlessness when you helped build me such a tough heart!

So here we are today with you posting your most personal details online for the world to see so that you can use that as some sick kind of defence and implying that my defending myself is somehow wrong because of your past history. A history completely irrelevant to me. How do you know I was not raped at the age of 10? How do you know that I was not in an abusive relationship as you claim you were?  And although you mock my ability to have children,  how do you know my struggles and surgeries?

There is very little you know about me. Facts anyhow. …. I am not happy to discuss my entire history publicly online and so I will not be quenching your thirst for more ammunition to use against me. The same reason I will not post pictures of my husband. You think by sending out poorly placed pleads for pictures of him will make me prove you wrong and post them? I don’t have to prove anything to you.  You say I always had him on show! How they heck would you know?  You were and never will be my friend.

You keep claiming he is bald and has no teeth but I think they must have shown you a picture of Tracey husband because each time you post this lie the 100’s & 100’s of people that know us, see us and see my friends only post all see you are a liar! But how can you lie when you don’t even know?  I am amused. ….are you really that sick and evil and twisted a person or is someone feeding you full of lies?

Are you the ‘dumb minion’ they keep speaking of? Think about it none of them liked you.  They all rejected you and suddenly one was on bail and couldn’t speak her abuse……suddenly you are their friend again.  And you have fought and fought against me. You say I brought you into this…..how exactly when I didn’t even know you existed?  You say I bullied you. …..how exactly?  By ignoring you for two years?  You say a whole lot about my husband and myself yet you haven’t even a clue what he looks like! He could walk up to you tomorrow in tesco and spit in your cabbage and you’d be none the wiser as to who he was!

I find it strange however that the history of your life that you told publicly on here differs from that you sent in confidence to sharyn….yeah you remember sharyn don’t you? The woman you harassed before you demanded that I delete her. The woman you also spread vicious lies about and stole pictures of. …..the woman you claim controls me!

She was your friend and you told her way too much. You shit on her and betrayed her and then you lied and lied and lied. Seems like this is some kind of hobby for you…..anyway she still has every single private message you ever sent to her and yes I have read them. Whilst you were busy looking stupid spreading lies about sharyn and myself we were busy getting to ‘know the enemy’. Isn’t it true that you deserted your adoptive father, the man who brought you up from a baby, as he lay dying of cancer?

So here we are years down the line with me finally speaking up. You remember when you kept posting ‘she won’t confront us she’s a chicken shit’ well here I am and here it is and what have you done? Made a complete show of yourself.  Not only are you lying to your friends and probably family as well as for definate the police but no! You are now lying to the entire planet. …..

So let’s have it…..or is it you that is the ‘chicken shit’ now that I no longer have to hold my tongue?

Yours sincerely
The one you would like to be your victim x x x

26 thoughts on “A letter to my hater

  1. I love your passion and fight. I sincerely hope this stalker you write of finds a life to live very soon and leaves you alone. We all deserve a private life without being harassed in the process.

    • That’s a nice thought but I believe this lady needs serious psychological help. Me staying silent didn’t help. Me sending the police didn’t help. Maybe just maybe the truth in her face will prompt her to help herself. ….I hope so anyway because this got tiresome around 18 months ago for me

    • I closed down 6 Facebook accounts. My YouTube. Twitter and then this one started to message and call my work. …..she isn’t a blog stalker she is into my whole life! Even my family members have closed accounts to get away from her x

      • It’s so wrong they feel they have the right to do this! I use to blog where we were heading over weekends on my old site, my one started turning up at places. I was lucky I knew someone in the court system and they were given a restraining order – that stopped him in his track in my real world just not my online world 😕 be careful sicko ‘ s have little care for your well being – either physically or mentally. Be safe ☺ and strong

      • Thank you. I have had a lot of time to get my head straight and see reality with these women. I know who they are and where they live. Their threats don’t scare me. A restraining order would cost me nearly £5000 and they are not worth my hard earned cash whilst they lazy around claiming benefits and creating troubles. I have never been one to shy away from a bully and nothing has changed there. They would never face me in person because they know they would loose. This is why they won’t even answer a logical questions I ask of them.
        Thank you for caring x

  2. Wait, what? Did someone say knickers? No one wears knickers in Game of Thrones.
    In all seriousness, life is too short to spend time harassing others. I hope that this stops soon, and whoever it is stalking you just moves on.

  3. I don’t know your situation enough to have an opinion, but in the time I’ve been following you, you seem awesome and funny and you’re a great writer so it’s pretty lame that you have to deal with some jealous bitch blowing up your spot. It’s also really admirable that you ignored her for so long because if someone ever said anything about my guy, I’d probably have to use my Department of Homeland Security connections to find them and kick their asses in oblivion. Lol, keep on being awesome! 🙂

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